[time-users-sidn] Experimental NTS

Marco Davids marco.davids at sidn.nl
Sat Nov 2 00:00:41 CET 2019


TimeNL now experimentally supports Network Time Security (NTS).

Anyone with a client that as support for NTS can try to obtain secure 
time synchronisation by pointing their client to:


(that's n-t-s with an 's', not a 'p')

This is a trial, so don't use this in a production environment.

At the moment we run:

ntpsec-1.1.7+ 2019-11-01T13:15:18Z (git rev 74308fa20)

As the service is not stable yet, issues may occur. For example, we ran 
into an NTS-KE exchange error while using 

Enjoy and let us know your findings.


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